So, the deed is done, i’ve handed my notice in at Bridon. It will be five years this October since I joined, the longest job i’ve ever had. Amazing really, it doesn’t feel that long at all. Still it’s changed massively since i’ve joined, the place is pretty unrecognisable, Incredible to think *I* was actually part of a most of those changes, it’s nice to leave your mark somewhere.

So yeah, my dream of running my own business is slowly coming true. A lot needs to be done still, but at last, i’m on the road to doing it.

Fingers crossed I can still keep Bridon as a client, we shall see. I’m feeling very, hmm, reflective, I guess, but i’m feeling confident in myself. Which is unheard of for me! I know i’m good at what I do, i’ve still got lots to learn, but, i’m on my way. Thank fuck for that eh? 🙂

Oh yeah, keep an eye on kcjh design.

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