Further to my post here with regards to getting a semi threatening SMS for using too much data – I get home at the weekend to find a letter from them. Again saying they had sent me a text with regards to high usage. They haven’t.

The letter says that i’ve been either a) Doing video/audio streaming and or using VOIP – well I can’t even if I wanted to – the O2 3G is so painfully slow where I am, not the dark side of the moon, Chelmsford, Essex. b) Using my SIM in a modem – again – there is no point – see part a. c) I can’t remember the exact turn of phrase, but basically i’m trying to bring the O2 data network crashing down.

Can’t say I’m doing any of the above, the letter basically says if I carry on doing what I’m not doing my data will be cut off until my next bill. To be honest, if they do that I shall be taking my business elsewhere. I’ve been with them for 4 years now, it’s been mildly pain free, but I don’t take kindly to being threatened, or accused of things I haven’t done.


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