Was doing a brief shop around Sainsburys when I got an SMS through from O2. It said –

‘O2 : Due to your daily data usage being extremely high following our previous warning’

And that was it! Admittedly I was a little bit concerned (I *might* hammer my O2 Data a *leetle* bit too hard), but i’ve never had ANY warning from them. At the same time my emoze wouldn’t connect, leading me to think my data had been cut off.

I drove home picturing the strongly worded conversation i’d be having with O2’s Customer Service Dept. When I got home and I logged on to my laptop, I receieved another SMS from O2 –

‘O2 : Due to an administrative error you may have been contacted again regarding data usage. Please accept our sincere apologies if this error has affected you.’

Emoze is working again, so I assume all is dandy.. my god – I did panic for a moment though!

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