This is where I am – nearly three months in from starting my new business – kcjh design – i’m sat in Whitgift Shopping Centre – slurping on a Latte. Waiting for Loz to finish work and ready to slope off to hers for an evening of food, Wii and *coughs*. I’m probably feeling the most relaxed i’ve ever felt. Yeah the money is intermittant, and yeah I do worry sometimes, but I scrape through, i’m doing okay. Most weeks i’ve had over my bare minimum (3 working days per week), and a lot of the time been working well in to the evening. So it would seem leaving the world of employee and becoming my own boss is the best thing i’ve ever done.

 I actually feel my life is getting back on track. I’m moving out of my dad’s and into my own flat in a matter of weeks, and will be able to give a more stable and normal home life to Georgia. She’s far too big now to be sharing with me and it will be great to make a place of our own.

Once i’m settled and stable, I want a new car, nothing flash or expensive, and probably not actually ‘NEW’ just upgrade. My little car is getting on, and I think at some point the clutch will probably explode shortly, and considering a clutch will probably cost near what the car is worth – it has to go! 🙂

Also another job for next year is to organise another school reunion – it will soon be 12 years since we left school and I think now probably half my year group are on Facebook now, the next one will be a biggy.

So anyway, that’s it. Thought i’d put something in my blog other than my twitter updates ! I do plan to review more stuff and play with more technology, and generally babble more into my blog. But for today at least.. TTFN!

 K xx


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