I was pretty shocked to recieve a ‘Notice to Owner’ through the post from Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC). it alleged that I, on the 2nd October had parked without displaying a valid pay and display ticket.

That is actually true. I had done – I can confirm that I had no pay and display ticket in my car. So why am I moaning? I’m moaning because I paid, as suggested on the machine online via www.parkmobile.co.uk . It’s a fantastic service, you register, park your car, go inside, fire up the website, log in, and tap in the location code (printed on the machine), and hit the button. Your parking is then activated for the maximum allowable time – so in the case of area 10683 – all day – from 9.30am-5.30pm. should you leave the parking space before then you can go back to the website and ‘deactivate’ it.

Now I am religious at starting my parking, I do it within minutes of parking the car. So I was pretty shocked that I might have not done it. My alleged crime happened at 13.52 on the 2nd October – I didn’t have a ticket put on my windscreen (i’d certainly remember!). Thankfully the Parkmobile site keeps full logs of your account activity – so I logged in – and saw the following..


Well what do you know – I was paid up to park there all fricking day. So now I have to ‘Make Representations’ and forward them my ‘proof’ – really in this day an age I think it is pretty shite that they can’t double check the computer systems before issuing such a threatening bit of paper. I can understand that the Traffic Warden’s computer might have b0rked slightly at the time and not shown my car as being ‘ok’ – but surely the system should just double check? Or is that just too much joined up thinking for WBC??

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