I do love Sky, i’ve dabbled with Top Up TV and Virgin, but Sky is much better, suits me perfectly. Three months ago I had Sky + installed, and it’s been grand, after finally being able to afford my new TV I decided I wanted to upgrade to Sky HD. Sky HD is very popular at the moment, you can pick up a box for just £49. Bargain!

As an existing customer, I can upgrade online, within a few clicks it’s done. BUT.. You can’t actually complete your order, you essentially register a place in the ‘queue’ to place your order. Now the length of your ‘queue’ can vary between your location, it can be weeks, or even months, just to place the order itself! On tracking the order in my account I see this :-


So, I’m able to PLACE my order in 2-4 Weeks. That’s fair enough I suppose, I had a little read of their FAQ . It states :-

Will the waiting time be the same for people joining Sky and customers already with Sky?
To treat everyone fairly we’ve split our install dates equally between those joining Sky and those who are already Sky customers. As we’ve had a great response from Sky customers it is going to take us a bit longer to get everyone installed.’

So, they are treating all customers fairly. Fantastic.

But that doesn’t appear to be the whole truth, having a look through this thread on Digital Spy new customers get quicker installations. Sometimes within DAYS.  That doesn’t seem fair at all. I wanted to test the theory so today I got a neighbour to try and order Sky HD (as a new customer), and this is the result :-


So how long is the wait in my road for a new customer (being treated as equally as an existing one?), THREE DAYS. A new customer can order Sky HD today, and have it Wednesday. I can order Sky in 2 to 4 weeks and have it.. well, after that. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

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