I’m fucked off, really fucked off. Quidco, for no reason have denied me £80 of cashback, and that annoys me massively.

When I bought my new phone I did it with Three, via Quidco, my contract would earn me £80 cold hard cash (well that’s what they said!). All i’d have to do would be wait for it to be verified and then the cash would be in my account. Easy.

Not so…

Checking my account nearly two months later I saw the transaction had been declined. So I sent them a support ticket with my order reference and put the ball back in their court. With the order reference they could check my transaction and pay me the cashback.

I was wrong. Today I had this pinged back to me :-

Response from Merchant. enquiry unsuccessful – Another Marketing channel was accredited with the sale.

WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?! I don’t understand, I went to Quidco, clicked on the link to Three and bought my phone. That was it. What exactly did I do wrong?! It’s so very frustrating, that cashback would have really helped me out, and instead it’s two fingers up from Quidco.

Well fuck you Quidco, Fuck you very much.

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