So, I’ve decided that I’m pushing the boundaries of ‘pleasantly plump’ into the realm of ‘fat cunt’, not good. Those who have known me for a long time will remember the dire 16+ stone days, and the depressed sub 12 stone days. I know that I’ll never be ‘skinny’ I just want to look ‘in the middle’. With the wedding fast approaching, all eyes will be on me and L. so we’ve decided to cut down on the crap, and sign up to the gym.

I’m not a stranger to gyms, I enjoy them, mostly.. but something that I’ve always lacked is motivation, I’ve never really had a goal to aim for, or indeed someone to reach a goal with. This time it’s a bit different. Both of us are keen to lose some excess before the big day, and we motivate each other to carry on, and it sorta works! Hooray!

So the gym of choice is Virgin Active, Chelmsford. I was a member back in the day when it was Esporta, and being the only custom built gym building in Chelmsford it really is the best you can get. I was a member of Cannons (Now Nuffield Health) in Chelmsford for a year, and yeah, that is pretty nice, it was built as a Kwik Save (if memory serves), and always felt a little small, especially on the gym floor. Fitness First in Chelmsford doesn’t have a pool, and by all accounts is a bit pony, and whilst Riverside has recently been refurbished, it’s pretty expensive for what is a ‘Council Gym’, so we’ve bitten the bullet and gone with Virgin. It’s only a 3 month contract too which is pretty awesome, I didn’t want to be tied in for a year!

We joined 3 weeks ago, and so far so good.. We’re going around 3 times a week and it’s given use something to to on the nights that G isn’t with us (rather than playing on the xBox 🙂 )

Some photo’s I took the other evening, probably shouldn’t have taken the shot of the ground floor, but it was empty!

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