Those who know me well will know that I HATE (really hate), being wrong, and when I KNOW I’m right, and someone is telling me I’m wrong, well, it pisses me off massively.

A situation arose today where the Sky HD Twitter account was boasting about the 51 HD Channels now on Sky HD. Which is fantastic. But they are wrong.

As @rtcunliffe pointed out, there are 52. A quick count on the ‘HD’ section of your Sky HD EPG will show this. Here’s how the conversation went down –

@SkyHD – @SkyHD – *trumpet fanfare* We’re at 51 HD channels! Disney XD HD joins us on 633, and Sky Movies Classics HD on 346

@rtcunliffe – @kiphakes How many HD channels have you got? I count 52. @skyhd says there are now 51…

@kiphakes – @skyhd Really.. there are 52 HD channels on our EPGs.. (cc @rtcunliffe )

@SkyHD – @rtcunliffe @kiphakes SSN HD is part of both the News and the Sports Pack currently. That may account for what you’re seeing? Def 51 tho 🙂

@SkyHD – @kiphakes @rtcunliffe Full HD channel list here:

So.. me being me – I had to photograph my EPG (yes I know!) and quickly join together the images –

@kiphakes – @skyhd I do kindof hate myself for going to this effort.. but really – I count 52 HD channels.. ( cc. @rtcunliffe)

So this is the resulting image, I count 52 – what about you? No word back from @SkyHD yet as to what they make it 😉

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