In recent times it would appear that the UK has now firmly adopted the idea of ‘Baby Showers’ – something that Americans have been doing for years. I’m all up a party, don’t get me wrong. But the soul purpose of the Baby Shower seems to be invite friends over and receive presents for the impending baby. This is what I don’t get, the emphasis seems to be on receiving presents. Surely if your friends wish to buy the baby something, why don’t they just do it?

Why should they be invited to a party and have their gifts looked at by all and sundry? When my little one was born, there was no ‘Shower’, friends and relatives did buy plenty of stuff and I will be eternally grateful for that, people do this, there is no need to throw a slightly spiced up coffee morning for it. Or is there?

From a quick bit of Googling it would appear ‘Baby Showers’ are big business in the UK now, are we just becoming victims of another American ‘Tradition’? Or is there a genuine need for them?



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