I’m a big theme park geek, I love going and most of all I like documenting my day, with either obscene amounts of photos, or videos. One of my videos can be seen here. I’ve always wanted to get a bit of on-ride footage, but most parks don’t let you on with mobile phones / cameras for fear of them flying out of your hands etc. I understand that. I’ve kept half an eye on ‘sports cameras’ for a while now, small cameras without a screen you can secure to yourself relatively easily. They do still cost a fair bit so that kinda put me off.

But recently a Facebook friend had made a video in their car of them driving, and it transpired they’d got a tiny video camera from eBay for a quid. The video footage seemed alright, and being the little geek freak I am I bought it. This is the auction here. So for £1+£5.67 P+P you get a little video camera, a selection of mounts and a little rubber case. Mine arrived today –


The camera is about 2cm x 6cm x 1.5cm and feels pretty solid. The manual with it is in proper pigeon english, but you get the general gist of what it means! So is it any good? Well yeah.. for £1 – it’s pretty fucking cool. I took a little video of the cat – excuse the poor framing, there isn’t a screen on it :

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So it’s alright, unfortunately you can’t remove the time stamp from the video. Which is a bit of a pain! It is also possible to switch it into a sound activated mode, whereby if the camera detects a sound, it’ll start recording and then when it falls silent, after 2 mins the recording will stop, and then start again when it hears a sound.

So – all in all – well worth it for a quid!


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