Last night was something I’d been looking forward to for a while, my lovely Mother in Law had bought me and Loz tickets to see Richard Herring’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ show. It wasn’t the best journey across London to the Leicester Square Theatre. After the Piccadilly line had decided to cluster fuck we had to do a combination of walking / running and have a half arsed taxi ride to get there!

Thankfully they’d delayed the start of the show slightly to accommodate everyone who had been stuck on the tube. We had been really lucky as we’d needed to be moved out of our seats in ‘Row P’ as they’d needed those seats for filming, and were upgraded to ‘Row F’, just five from the front! Hooray!


Richard had clearly done a lot of reading and research of the bible, probably more than a lot of Christians have! He took us through the Ten Commandments and the opening chapters of the New Testament in great, but equally very amusing detail. Pointing out the idiosyncrasies that they both contain, it was fascinating and very very funny. He also read through some stories he had written as a God fearing 6-7 year old, it was very amusing, especially as the stories were very similar to those my 7 year old writes!

Richard whilst touring has received so many complaints and had a few protests about his show which baffles me. These people have heard the title of the show, and instantly become offended without actually knowing ANYTHING about the content. I think and hope anyone who actually saw the show would realise the Richard isn’t really mocking Jesus (jokes about his cock size aside), he is mocking the people that followed him. As Richard surmised:

‘I actually think Jesus was a pretty cool guy, it’s just his followers who are fucking idiots’

Which is very true.

I do feel sorry for all those feckless twats who felt the need to protest outside the shows across Richard’s tour. If they’d actually paid their money, and come inside they might have actually left thinking that Richard Herring isn’t the Anti-Christ, instead I would think they may have actually learnt something from a very well thought out and well researched show.


‘Christ on a Bike’ isn’t about mocking Jesus and God; it’s actually about religion being used as a moral code. Showing what Jesus preached was actually a great way to live your life. When the show finished I actually felt I got more out of those 2 hours than I did in 12 years of Sunday school, it really was fascinating, and fucking funny along the way.


A little review on the Collings and Herring Podcast DVD record is coming soon!

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