Ahhh Day 13. You unlucky bastard. It had to be didn’t it?

Well yesterday was a big cluster fuck of fail from Sky, the install seemed to be going okay until the installer some how managed to blow a brick clean out of the side of the house. The brick was still intact, and apparently it’s an extremely rare thing to happen, but still the house was missing a brick. Great. The installer was very good about it and rang his line manager who said he’d come out and have a look wth someone who could re-mortar it in place. The timeframe of how long it would take was very wishy washy, so when the installer left I called my contact at Sky. He said he would get in touch with the ‘Field Escalation Team’ and I should have a call back from someone later on (that didn’t happen).

He then went on to tell me that ‘today must be the day for bad news’, it was indeed, BT Openreach were unable and unwilling to move the activation date of the 21st June of my Broadband and Phone Line, and basically that was it, I have to sit tight and be quiet, apparently 3 weeks of no service is throughly acceptable. It is amazing that when there is a line fault you can usually get an engineer out on the same day to look at it. But connecting a new line takes 3 weeks?! Are they extracting the copper for the wires in that time?!

My contact has told me I can send him my mobile bill and he will cover the costs of the calls during my period of downtime, I’m going to send him the bill for mine and the wife’s dongle’s too!

‘We like to leave our customers offline for 3 weeks, and blow a hole in their wall.. that’s our ‘Better Effect’ ‘

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