So… I’ve been quiet for just over a week – whys that? Well most of that week has felt like I’ve been doing endless DIY jobs, and unpacking – but huzzah – we have a nice tidy house. Good. I guess you’d probably think in that week or so of silence Sky would have been out to fix the blown out brick, and all would be hunky dory.

Alas No..

There is still a blown out brick sheepishly sitting in my wall. I heard from a very nice lady at Sky last Wednesday who promised someone would be in touch within 3-5 working days.

So far – Nothing.

I don’t want to wait around for weeks on end while my issues are batted around Sky’s departments, I want a chap with a bit of mortar, and a ‘can do’ attitude on the doorstep to fix Sky’s fuck up.

I’ve tried contacted the chap I’ve been dealing with at Sky.. both yesterday and today.. and now he isn’t bothering to get back to me. Superb.


Hole in the Wall! (Not the Dale Winton / Anton Du Beke version)

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