Well fuck me sideways…

I haz teh internetz!

After 26 days of going through the moving motions I have an internet connection! Whoop Whoop!

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have a working phone line too! 🙂

Now back to the bad news.. I’m still no further on really with having the blown out brick sorted – my contact at Sky (who is now returning calls!) has seemingly struggled to get the ‘Field Escalation Team’ to make any progress. I did have a call from a lady there on Saturday who asked me how I was getting on. She seemed suprised to hear I hadn’t seen anyone or heard anything about it. She was very apologetic and nice and promised to call me back tomorrow after doing some investigation. It’s all well and good everyone is nice and sorry for my inconvience, but honestly.. I just want my wall sorted out.

Come on Sky!!


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