Well it looks like this crazy chapter of my life is drawing to a close! Hurrah! 🙂

A nice lady from field escalation called me this morning and told me that she was sorting out my claim, and had processed it for me. She had given my details to a builder to come out and fix the damage. About 10 minutes later the builder called and said he’d be with me next Monday afternoon. Perfect! 

So, it’s taken 4 weeks to migrate my services from one house to another, it’s been nothing sort of a cluster-fuck of fail, but we have got there in the end. I think personally if you’re moving house, cancel your Sky and get it re-set up in your other half’s name. Probably less hassle for you, and you’d end up with discounts, new hardware, and maybe some M+S vouchers. I do rate Sky as a service provider, the Broadband, Phone and TV service is excellent. But when it comes to moving house, it really can be a nightmare. It could have been a lot more stressful if I was dealing with Customer Services , rahter than the Executive Support Office, so I have been lucky in some respects.

Thanks for reading my saga! 🙂

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