Ahhh fucking hell it’s 2012 already! 2011 was a crazy year, with getting married and moving house, and 2012 looks to be be equally as busy with the impending arrival of Master Hakes, hmm, that sounds a bit wrong.

Anyway! All my blogging time has been consumed by writing blogs for ‘Emma’s Diary’, which I’ll copy onto here in due course. Work has been MENTAL too, meaning lots of late nights hunched over the computer, at it furiously for hours (steady!) so between that being a husband, father and international cunt, my spare time has been limited.

I have been looking at my mate Dan’s Blog – Caffeinated Dan, it’s brilliant reading, he’s very funny, he is far too similar to me for my liking, although I am better looking and have more hair, but yes.. READ HIS BLOG!

I’ve also decided that 2012 as well as being about having a baby is going to be about ‘Friends’..

No, not the 90’s sitcom, actual real people. I’ve never had a massive amount of friends, I generally dislike meeting new people (although working for myself has helped me put this aside slightly), so I’ve always been in a little huddle of people. Unfortunately as time has marched on, some of those people have fallen to the wayside, and I’ve probably not made the effort I should have but I want this to change.

A good example is Paul, I’ve known him for years, I was his best man, and we’ve both been through a lot together. We have, for about 6 or 7 years now, been trying to meet up for a drink and have a catch up, and for whatever reason, it’s not happened, until just before Christmas that is..

It was his works Christmas party in Chelmsford and he emailed me the day before to see if I could come along for a drink, I jumped at the chance. So we met up, and it was like literally nothing had changed, we both knew roughly what had been going on with each other via Facebook, but it was so nice to catch up properly. We had a good few drinks, and ended the night sitting in a chippy for an hour putting the world to rights, perfect! I’m seeing him again near the end of the month so our wives can meet! I’m really looking forward to it.

Back to 2012 being about ‘Friends’, I want to try and be more sociable, get in touch with my old friends and make new ones. I want to create my own ‘offline’ social network, it is great having nearly 400 friends on Facebook and nearly double that in followers on Twitter, but how many of them are ‘real’ friends? Probably around 1-5% if that? It would be great if that figure were higher.

I’d like a network of nearly 1200 people I could call up and go for a beer with, have a coffee with or meet up at soft play with, although it would a nightmare remembering everyone’s birthday…

P.S. I will get round to sorting out the retched theme on this blog.. it’s not very nice.

3 thoughts on “2012 – Friends and the Offline Social Network

  1. BarneyC says:

    2012 the year of the sociable Kip?! Methinks not mate, Kippeh Jr will put pay to going out social so I guess it'll come down to those of us willing to make the effort to bring beer your way.

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