Well we’re at 24 weeks now, and time is moving very fast, the end of April will be with us before we know it!

Time really does fly, and I’m sure when the little chap is born it certainly won’t slow down either. Obviously there are ways of documenting the life of your little one, I’ve got literally THOUSANDS of photos of DD, from the moment she was born right up till now. I’ve also got a fair few videos of her at various stages (not as many as I’d like), and whilst they are fantastic, I want to keep a more accurate diary of the both of them growing up together.

I could keep a diary, and print photos off and stick drawings into it, but I obviously something physical can get lost, damged, etc! I’m a geek, I do stuff on-line, I don’t keep a diary, it’s all on my Google Calendar, I don’t own a photo album, I have a Picasa account, I don’t have an address book, I have my Google Contacts (You get the idea!). I wanted to document everything on the internet, I toyed with the idea of setting up a private blog, then I remembered seeing this..

Daniel Lee decided to e-mail his daughter throughout her life from the day she was born, sending her photos, videos, and pictures, keeping an email diary of her life. I want to do this, but perhaps take it one (crazy) step further, I’m going to e-mail DS and DD every day! One of my heroes, comedian Richard Herring has a blog, he blogs EVERY day and has done so for over 10 years (the second longest running blog on the internet!). Obviously some days there isn’t much to write about, or say, but even so he does it, religously. If a comedian, who writes and tours can find a few minutes each day to keep his diary, I’m sure I can!

I don’t imagine it will be easy, I know I won’t be able to write hundreds of words each day but I’ll just see how it goes! I’ll have to make sure I back it all up some how as no system, e-mail or otherwise is 100% solid. In the future when DD an DS are grown up I can give them access to the account and little digital time capsule of their lives through my eyes.

Have any of you made your own digital time capsule for your little ones?

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