Well it’s official, we’re 26 weeks in! Everything with regards to the pregnancy is running pretty smoothly. Loz needs a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) to check for Gestational Diabetes, and also has to have ‘Anti-D’ in a few weeks as she is rhesus negative. Aside from that, the little man seems to be growing well and developing as you’d expect. I am eternally grateful for this; I come from a long line of ‘worriers’ and it’s fantastic that everything is okay! His kicks and punches are getting stronger now, I’ve felt them too, although he does seem to be a cheeky blighter and stop as soon as someone puts their hand on Mummy’s tummy!

As I’ve said before the time is slipping away very, very quickly he will be here in just 14 weeks! Thankfully for me, Loz is very organised, nothing will be left to the last minute and I imagine we’ll be ready for his arrival weeks ahead of schedule. Thinking about it, we’re not actually all that far off now. Most of the big purchases have been made, and we’ve even got his name sorted out!

We were both keen to have a name ready for the 20 week scan but we were a little tied to a tradition that is in our family. The tradition is that the son has the father’s middle name as their first name (my Dad’s middle name isn’t Kip by the way, I changed my name from Christopher to Kip – long story!). Thankfully my parents were kind enough to give me a lovely normal middle name that we both liked as little man’s name and his middle name is my brother in laws name. I’ll keep you all in suspense until he is born!

The nursery is starting to look more like a nursery and less like the spare bedroom too; the drawers are filling up with little clothes, all neatly organised, washed and ready to go. Mother in law has knitted several sheep’s worth of tiny clothes too – little man certainly won’t go cold!

Loz does seem to have got her ‘baby brain’ now. Quite often she’ll forget words or ‘lose’ things… Hah, good timing, my writing was just stopped to find some pasta missing from the Tesco delivery! It was on the list, but she couldn’t see it – it was under some carrots she’d just unpacked *rolls eyes*. 

I think the aches and pains of growing a person are really starting to take hold now. She’s occasionally puffing and hobbling around, although this hasn’t stopped her wicked sense of humour. She did play a rather mean trick on the Optician a few weeks ago…

‘Oh I can see your circumstances are going to be changing soon’ *looking at the little bump* smiled the optician
‘Sorry? What do you mean?!’ she replied.
*Panic look on the opticians face* ‘Erm, you’re, erm, pregnant?’ He responded sheepishly.
‘No, no I’m not!’ she replied. His face dropped. ‘Oh.. I..’ he stuttered.
‘Of course I’m pregnant, only messing with you!’ she came back with.

It did make me laugh – that poor man!

She’s had a few cravings, the weirdest was probably cheese-on-toast, with lashings of chocolate spread *wretch*. The most persistent one is Doritos. Cheesy Doritos, with sour cream and chive dip. I think the baby will be born orange and smelling of cheese! I did have to do a mercy mission to Tesco Express at 21.30 the other week to ease the craving for ‘Chip N Dip’. I really don’t mind nipping out on late night missions to ease the cravings, I appreciate it’s not easy being pregnant, and I’ll do my best to help make it easier.

Have any of you had any weird cravings, or have you had to go out late at night to ease your other half’s cravings?

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