Noooo.. Not the early naughties school reunion site that everyone left for MySpace and Facebook for, but reuniting with old friends.

Last night Loz and I went to see Paul and Carolyn, I’d already seen Paul just before Christmas – and we decided then we should get the ‘Ladies’ to meet up with us next time. We put yesterday in the diary just after Christmas, and I must admit I was very very excited about seeing them both. I hadn’t seen Carolyn for nearly seven years, so it would be lovely to see her. She is actually very very similar to Loz with her straight, no nonsense approach to life and I had a feeling they’d probably get on.

There hadn’t been a ‘falling out’ that stopped us from seeing each other, more a ‘falling apart’, so I didn’t feel like they’d be any tension, things should hopefully just pick up where they left off.

I’m really pleased to say they did! We had a beautiful dinner, cooked by Lady C’s fair hands and we spent till just past 1am catching up with one another. We obviously knew the basics from each others Facebook pages, but it was nice to have the gaps filled in and chat about parenting, pregnancy and the past. They were perfect hosts and the beer and wine flowed nicely!

They got out their wedding albums and it was weird to see me as I was then, I looked terrible, I really spoilt the photos with my then 16 stone frame. It was shocking. I’d also been able to find on one of my old DV tapes some footage of Paul on the morning of his wedding and also an hours worth of footage from the Stag Do, I burned them onto DVD as it’s always nice to have video footage of such events!

It was amazing how quickly the time flew by and I was sad to go as there is still so much to catch up on, but thankfully now they’ve met Loz I’m hoping some point soon we can get all the kids together for a little play date. I’m also going to make a point of trying to meet Paul for a pint or a cup of tea more often, Paul refers to himself as ‘Uncle Paul’ and in some respects he is. He’s got a wise head on those shoulders. I think Loz was shocked at how young Paul and Carolyn were, I’d told her that I called them ‘Uncle Paul and Lady Carolyn’ and she pictured a more ‘middle aged’ couple, rather than the young, friendly vibrant team they are.

Carolyn did make me smile by saying I was taller than she remembered.. being 5ft8 and a half I don’t ever really get told I’m tall. So that was nice. As I suspected the ladies seemed to hit it off too! Yay!

I’m really pleased that we’re back in touch now, you know a real friend when you can just pick up where you left off and it’s fantastic that we can do that. Life’s too short and you really do have to treasure those close to you.

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