Cariba Creek Water Park

So I fired off a rather long e-mail last week with regards to the stupid, wallet raping system that Alton Towers have implemented at their Cariba Creek Water Park (blog post is here). Essentially they charge you £2 for a locker, and you get £1 refunded. So if you forget to put something in your locker, it costs you £3. This coupled with the fact a large number of lockers were broken and eating money made for nasty scenes.

I wasn’t expecting much in response from them, perhaps an apology and free water park tickets next time, but they went just that little bit further. We’ve got 35% off our next stay and free water park tickets for the duration. Pretty sweet really. I’ve no doubt we’ll go back there again after little man is born, and to get over a third off the price is fine by me! 🙂

As always – it pays to complain.

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