Did the title of the post fool you?

Probably. You’re all fucking perverts.

I do wonder what makes people click through to my blog posts. Yesterday was a MASSIVE day for my blog. I’m not entirely sure why, I got double the about of page views that I normally would, but it was still the same old stuff. So you tell me? What makes you click through to a blog? Is it the title? Is it just because I’m awesome? Or is it something else?

2 thoughts on “My naked photos or the quest for an eye catching title..

  1. Dan says:

    I always click on a blog link that has something attractive in the title (and no, that's not the reason I clicked on this! In fact, I thought your Twitter account had been hacked for a second).

    My biggest hits on my blog came one day when it was retweeted by a journo at Cosmopolitan, and on another day when I blogged about Tevez coming back to West Ham at a time when everyone was talking about it.

    I read your blog because you're awesome though, obviously.

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