So it’s Valentines Day, the only day in the year we’re able to celebrate the love between two people, well, aside from any anniversary you may have. The one day a year that men flock to supermarkets across the land and buy half dead roses, and cheap chocolates. Just what your other half always wanted..

Love isn’t an annual or bi-annual event, it’s an every day, every hour, every minute, every second event. Why leave it till February 14th for a ‘PDA’ on Facebook? It just seems daft to me. I don’t buy Loz flowers or gifts enough, I just can’t afford it, she knows I love her though. Love isn’t about tat that will die, love is just love.

Right, onwards to London. Love to you all. Yes, even you.

6 thoughts on “Blogs on the Train – Valentines Day

  1. Tara Tiger Jane says:

    Hmm. Well I think there's always time for little romantic gestures between a couple every day. Anything such as making a cuppa for your lover or sending a saucy text. V-day is just one of those times when we get to do something extra soppy. Having a song written for me was extremely romantic and knowing that he sat down for ages trying to think up soppy lyrics is very romantic. Something like that means a whole lot more than a piece of jewellery or 'half dead roses'.               Sadly though just like every other 'special event' in our calenders, V-day is now so commercialised that it's spoilt. It shouldn't be a competition between girls on who got the best valentine present. Or a traumatic event for guys panicking about what the hell to get their girl. It's a shame so many view it that way. It should be law that shops are not allowed to commercialise events such as V-day! 

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