Well obviously this happened yesterday, but the story didn’t end there. Despite my 15 minute soaking of the fire, come midnight it was ablaze again, the wind had picked up and embers were flying out, left, right and centre. I’d had enough and I couldn’t be arsed lifting the fence panel, getting out the hose, etc. Loz rang the fire brigade, it did feel daft calling them for a bonfire, but fire obviously can be fairly unpredictable, and I wasn’t going to sit watching it.

The fire brigade came in under 10 minutes, broke the string and got to the fire, and within 5 minutes, it was gone. They were very nice, it seemed crazy having so many men for a small fire, but they were very professional. The fireman joked that they’d probably start the fire again in the morning.

They did.

Loz was obviously feeling in the mood for a fight and flew out of bed and got dressed to have it out with the Site Foreman, she explained what had happened and asked them not to do it again. The foreman said they’d have one more fire today and would extinguish it before they left. He wasn’t rude to her thankfully, as I don’t think he’d like the wrath of a heavily pregnant Northern lady 🙂

I’m sure that won’t be last of the capers with the builders, as I imagine they’ll be around for a good few months yet…

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