Aside from my issue with children taking over your Facebook profile, I do take have problems with the amount of people who use their social network of choice as a needy / ambiguous shouting block.

A good example is the random :

‘grrrrrr so cross right now’

This is usually followed by one of the updatees friends or followers firing back a :

‘u ok hun?’

Then the typical response is :

‘no im not, cant talk about it thou’

Brilliant. Why fucking post it?! You’ve posted it because you’re wanting attention, and people to help you, but you are unable to provide them with anything for them to actually help. What is the fucking point?

My general rule of thumb for social networks is ‘keep it light’, no one wants to go on Facebook or Twitter and feel like shit after reading it. It’s a nice way to pass the time, not a self harmers trigger mechanism! If you’re stewing away and in need of assistance, tell people, let them help you, people are great in times of a crisis and will often help you. Do this too many times and when you REALLY need those friends, they won’t care, because you’re effectively the ‘Boy that cried Wolf’.

If your problem is too personal for public consumption, don’t fucking post it on the internet, call your friends, get in a dialogue.

I also take issue with those who confess their undying love for their other half endlessly.. but that’s another blog post.

3 thoughts on “Needy and Ambiguous ? Do fuck off…

  1. Sonia Porter says:

    don't forget, they confess their undying love, but it tends to die within a month or two, and then there are a load of needy, ambiguous messages before they find the next person to confess their undying love for! 😉

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