In the pursuit of some bath things for Baby Hakes, I stumbled across this.. TUMMY TUB ‘ Clear ‘

I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think I’d seen something similar before
Let’s get this clear, they are selling a BUCKET for £17.99. The amazing this is, people are loving it.. it has 10 x 4 and 5 star reviews. No one has actually said ‘It’s just a fucking bucket’.. Jesus. I think I’m going to sell carrier bags to put your baby in for a womb like experience at £20 a pop, if people are that stupid, I’ll probably be a millionaire. 

6 thoughts on “Are parents really that naive?

  1. EllaRalph says:

    I love that you now have an “It's a fucking bucket” label… To group together all those posts about fucking buckets you're sure to write in the future I presume.. LOL

  2. barneyc says:

    Hahaha.  We had one years ago for J. It is a bucket but with a few subtle differences.  The edge is a roll-top unlike most buckets so it's not all scratchy and sharp.  The construction is solid as, more akin to a proper cement bucket (but clear) so there is no cheap 99p shop flex.  It's also tapped so narrows towards the bottom which I think is supposed to stop baby slipping down.  AND THE FRICKIN THING IS CLEAR!  

  3. Melaina25 says:

    We had one and it was brilliant. I promise it is more than just a bucket and is shaped specifically to bathe a newborn. Promise.

  4. EllaRalph says:

    had to have a re-read as it appeared on 'you might also like'…. this is literally my favourite blog post of all time.

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