After her recent sting by a wasp, Bella proved she was perfectly fit and healthy today. I went to put some stuff in the wheelie bin to find her… on the roof of the house. She was standing, two floors up, crying at me. I went inside, hoping ignoring her would get her to climb down, but it didn’t. She didn’t move. Great!

I couldn’t help but think I’d be one of those idiots ringing the fire brigade to rescue a cat from a tree roof.

What she’d done was climb the ladders and scaffolding attached to the house next door (they are building a new house on their land). Loz took her treats around the front of the house and tried to encourage her to come down via the scaffolding. She didn’t. She just carried on crying. I knew I had to get on the scaffolding and get her down!

So I went forth and broke into the building site, scaling the ladders to get me up to the tallest point to grab the cat. At first she ran away, back onto our roof, but after some manic treat-shaking she came over. I grabbed her, calling her a little cunt – she really is. Thankfully our neighbour from the other side came to help me get the cat down the ladders. First part of the week she’s acting like she’s on death’s door from a wasp sting, and the latter half of the week she decides to be five and a bit metres in the air! Fucking cat.

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