After the fun of the ‘Parentcraft’ class (more on that in another post), we decided to have the car washed at the Chelmsford ‘IMO Car Wash’ on Waterhouse Lane. We paid our £9 and the chap did the usual pre-wash things and got us lined up to go into the car wash – great! Then there was a ‘bang’ noise and the machine stopped. The operator told us that the ‘car wash is a bit tired and needs a rest’ (I think he mistook us for children!) 😉 The car wash started again and our car rolled in.

Then it stopped.

Then it started.

Then it stopped.

Then it started.

Then it stopped.

(Repeat another 5 or so times)

Eventually the operator got on the phone to someone and was obviously asking for some help. Our car was covered in foam and under one of the big horizontal brushes! Brilliant.

We were told that I’d have to reverse out and we’d get a hand wash instead! The car really didn’t like driving backwards through the car wash, over the things that push the car along.

After 10 minutes of being stuck – FREEDOM!

Eventually we got out and the chap washed the car for us, certainly not the best wash it’s had, but still better than nothing. What was daft was that they weren’t actually stopping people from coming in, so people were coming in and trying to turn around (it’s fairly tight and one way!). He cleaned and vaguely dried the car and we were back on our way. I just don’t understand why he sent us in there when it was playing up and maybe given up after the second restart when it was clear something was wrong. I know no-one likes to turn business away, but it seemed daft carrying on!

I think all water-based things are conspiring against me today… we came home to find the dishwasher had flooded onto the floor 🙁

2 thoughts on “Stuck in a Car Wash! @imocarwash

  1. IMO Customerservices says:

    Dear Mr Hakes
    We have been made aware of your poor experience at our ARC Car Wash in Chelmsford yesterday.
    We strive to always provide a first class service and are very disappointed to hear that on this occasion the service fell short of the standards we expect of our operators.
    Your comments have been forwarded to the Regional Manager for the Chelmsford car wash, so that he may provide additional training to help prevent a repeat of this incident.
    We apologise unreservedly for any distress and inconvenience caused to you and your family, and we sincerely hope that you will not allow this experience to deter you from visiting one of our ARC car washes in the future. Please email so that we can provide a personal response to your complaint. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Please accept our apologies again.

    Customer Services
    IMO Car Wash

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