Poorly Pussy.

It would seem that Bella, our cat, decided to play with a wasp today. Good news is, the wasp came off worse, she killed it. The bad news is, it stung her leg.

This has meant she has spent most of today limping around and not doing much. We did think that the sting may have been on her paw to start with. A cursory look with her wrapped in a towel didn’t go well. She hissed, growled and tried to bite me, bare in mind she’s a very placid, loving cat so she was obviously in pain. She’s spent most of the evening asleep on our bed, we offered some food but she wasn’t really interested. Her leg had swollen a bit too.

We decided to let her sleep in our room tonight, I’ve bought her favourite chair up, along with her food and water. About ten minutes ago she got off the chair and wolfed down some food, so I think she might be feeling a bit better.

Hopefully in the morning the swelling will have gone down and she’ll be better. If not, I imagine there will be a trip to the Vet on the cards, we’ll see. I hope not as they are thieving bastards!

Note – I’ve done this post on my phone, apologies for any mistakes!

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