I’ve become a little bit addicted, along with several million others it would seem, to the game ‘Draw Something’ it’s a simple concept, you get given a choice of 3 words, and you have to draw a picture to illustrate your chosen word. The other player has to guess the word out of a selection of letters. The harder the word, the more ‘coins’ you can earn. The coins you earn allow you to expand you colour palette, or purchase ‘bombs’ to remove letters from your selection.

I’ve got around 20 games on the go with various people, and it’s fun, I’ve learnt most people can’t draw on their phones. Me included! The game is very good, but it could be so much better.

For a start, it’s very SLOOOOOOOW, you can’t skip through the ‘You’re Drawsome’ or whatever the fuck it says, you have to wait for the ‘OK’ prompt to appear. Surely a tap on the screen could dismiss it? Same with the screen where you are awarded with coins. You need to be able to skip through it.

The speed thing is an issue with the drawings too. Some of my opponents spend fucking AGES drawing. Which is nice, because usually you can guess them, but you have sit and watch each bloody line, each mistake, each fix of the mistake, and then the scrubbing of it all out.. How about a ‘Fast Forward’ button, or a ‘skip to the end’. I know the times and things are recording in the stats, but these seem to have no outcome on the coins awarded.

Dan is a pervert.

Please dear god, give us notifications! A simple notification telling the user that they have to play their go, or do a drawing would be fantastic. At the moment I have to go and check the app for goes, usually when I do, there are 5-10 goes waiting for me, if I play all of them, that’s 10-15 minutes gone (because you can’t skip through stuff!) It’s infuriating.

The Facebook login is a bit half arsed, if you register with your email address you can’t connect with Facebook just by clicking on the Facebook area. You have to log out, and then login with Facebook, and then you can use it. Why not give you Facebook access without having to log out and log back in again?! Strange.

Make the default pen the ‘thin’ one. It seems to start off with one of the thickest ones first, which you invariably forget, and draw something, then have to rub it out because it looks wrong. Arrrgh!

Finally it’s the dictionary, it’s bloody American English. Dan Lane drew a wonderful ‘Theatre’, it took him an age, but actually looked amazing. I thought I was going crazy when it wasn’t accepting my answer. Then it suddenly dawned on me.. I tapped in ‘T.H.E.A.T.E.R’ – Bingo it worked! Give us a local dictionary please!

Does anything about Draw Something annoy you?

2 thoughts on “Draw Something – Good.. but could be better.

  1. AC says:

    I had to abandon it when zynga took it over, due to my boycott. Their 'spam X friends to continue' games coupled with absolutely abysmal customer service led me to boycott and I'm very happy with it so far 🙂

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