I asked on Twitter a month or so back if anyone knew of any cheap online ‘photo to canvas people’. I had a lot of responses, many of them were cheap, but not as cheap as I wanted! I had an e-mail from Gerrymoth, he had sent me a voucher code from yfcanvas.com that gave a massive reduction in cost – something like 75% off!

This meant I could get a 40″ x 30″ Canvas printed and delivered for around £25. They also added a ‘print at home’ A4 sized canvas kit too! Brilliant!

I didn’t pay the £5.99 for express shipping, they said I’d have the canvas within 21 working days, which was fine by me considering the cost!

After 21 days the nice man from Yodel delivered it to me!

The deal with yfcanvas.com is that you have to frame it, they send you the canvas, and a special metal frame, and you put it all together. The instructions are very straight forward, and fairly idiot proof. The metal frame sticks onto the canvas, you do some folding and hook it all together, it took about 10 minutes from opening the boxes to having this :

The kit also includes a bracket to use to fix the canvas to the wall, and after picking the perfect spot I hung the canvas :

We’re planning on getting one of G and one of little man to go on the other side of the living room, and I won’t hesitate to use yfcanvas.com again! Keep an eye on their offers page and get it cheaper than the RRP!

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