Welcome to Chelmsford City

Hooray! After a failed bid for City status in the run up to the Millennium, the Queen has announced today that Chelmsford has been given City status to mark her Diamond Jubilee!

Chelmsford was (I think I’m correct in saying!), the only town with a Cathedral that wasn’t a city, so it’s nice to finally have the status at last! Chelmsford does have a wonderful rich history, and is the ‘Birthplace of Radio.

A Toby Jug

The only negative of becoming a city is we’ll probably see lots of the Toby Jug faced twat that is Simon Burns (our MP), gurning about how wonderful it all is. I really hate that man, he didn’t help himself calling the voting public ‘Zombies’ recently – idiot.

Update – Oh fucking hell.. The Daily Mail have covered the story about Chelmsford becoming a City, the title ‘Known for its Essex girls and Friday night punch-ups, does Chelmsford really deserve its new city status?‘ It’s written by someone from Chelmsford, in a rather patronising and condescending tone, which is odd for the Daily Mail ;). It paints a very depressing view of the town, suggesting that because there are drunk people on the High Street, it couldn’t possibly be a city. You know, just like EVERY other city in the UK.

Still.. Congrats to all those who worked on the bid, it’s a good day for Chelmsford City!

For those of you who want to know more about Chelmsford, the Wikipedia page is full of facts! Wiki

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