I did mention on Friday that G was going for trying to get her next swimming badge today. She was trying for the 50 metres badge, she got her 25 metres in November, and she’s really come on leaps and bounds since then. Despite this, I was concerned she might wear herself out early on as she really does plough through the water and then loses her energy. We did mention this to her before we left, I think she listened – she got the 50 metres badge! 🙂

She’s really getting the hang of swimming now, she started her lessons over a year and a half ago at the gym. When she started she hated the ‘big pool’ and had no confidence. Fast forward to now she’s learning with the Aqua Academy, run by the fantastic Zoe and her hard-working team. They all seem passionate about every student and push each one. Zoe will happily shout at the children and push them that little bit extra, and it in the age of Middle Classed Parenting it’s great to see. If you live in Chelmsford and want your kids to have lessons, then I do recommend them!

As a ‘well done’ for G I said I’d buy us lunch wherever she wanted, the answer wasn’t ‘Pizza Hut’ – as it usually is, it was the Queen B where we went last weekend! I wasn’t going to complain, the food is cheap and nice too! I think she likes being able have something to eat, and then go to the Wacky Warehouse upstairs!

Us three / four before we had our foods! 🙂

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