Thought I’d document my week in photos…

Sunday 25th March

This was taken at the Two Brewers, Chelmsford.  I was testing the low light quality of the HTC Sensation XL I’m reviewing. Hmm, not bad.

The Two Brewers near closing time (21.00 on Sunday in the Winter!)

Monday 26th March

The nommy Jaffa Cake Cheesecake that Loz made and wrote about on her blog.

Om Nom Mother Fuckin’ Nom!

Tuesday 27th March

Balls… No photo taken – *Le Sigh*.
Wednesday 28th March

The new house being built next door to us… considering this wasn’t here three weeks ago, they’ve done a cracking job!

New House in Progress!

Thursday 29th March

Hooray! G is with us for a long weekend! We went to the park after school!
G at the Park

Friday 30th March

I took around 200 photos today for work, photographing the new Macmillan Cancer Care Unit at UCLH. All the photographs are under an embargo until 3rd April so I can’t show you them. G spent her non pupil day in London with my sister Laura and when I’d finished working I met them for the afternoon. I came home to be greeted by my awesome birthday cake!
Laura and G on the South Bank
Me and G with an Executioner 
Awesome MW3 Cake – complete with a tiny ‘Me’

Saturday 31st March

With Loz at 36 weeks we took a few bump photos and a family photo – this is my favourite one of the lot (with an Instagram-ish ‘Hefe’ Filter Applied).

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