I’ve done it.. I’ve actually done it. I’m no longer a Sky Subscriber. I’ve placed my order for Virgin Media, and it’s being installed in less than two weeks. I’ve got to carry on paying Sky until the end of June, but thankfully the sale of my Sky Boxes will mean that I’m not out of pocket.

What forced my decision? Well aside from all the annoyance recently, they actually made their Sky Fibre offering live today. Guess what? I can’t have it. Despite it piggy backing onto BT Infinity (which I can get), the ordering system won’t allow me to order, I just get a ‘computer says no’ screen. So, fuck it. They no longer get my business. I will actually be better off because Virgin can offer me a similar TV and phone package to what I have now AND 60Mb broadband for LESS than I pay now (without fibre). Also as I signed up via Quidco I get an astonishing £142.50 Cashback too, and pay half price for 6 months. It’s a no brainer really.

Working from home a fast connection is needed, I used to get a solid 11Mb Down and 2Mb Up, but where I am now it’s 5Mb Down and 0.7Mb Up – it’s a bit shit. Loz’s mum in her tiny town oop North gets faster speeds than me!

Will Virgin be any better? I really hope so! I know no company is perfect, but Sky have given me enough headaches over the years for me to want to try something new. Fingers crossed.

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