Considering I’ve had a child free day, I feel incredibly angry… We went into town and even for a Saturday it wasn’t too bad, although I’m amazed at the poor quality of the parking going on. Personally, if you park like a cunt, you should get a ticket. Nearly all the spaces in Chelmsford are of a decent size so even with a big fuck-off 4×4, you can comfortably squeeze in. Alas, this skill seems to be lacking and there were at least five spaces made unusable by people not being able to get into them properly.

That however, was the least annoying thing about my day – the most annoying thing?


I remember now why we have our shopping delivered. Trying to circumnavigate Tesco on a Saturday is like herding cats. It’s not helped by the moronic staff filling the shelves. I appreciate it needs doing, heck I even used to do it for my Saturday job as a teenager, but the staff here seem to have no spacial awareness or think about how or where they leave their cages and how it might affect the flow of trolley-wielding shoppers.

Worse than the staff though are the customers (or cuntsomers). Never before have I encountered such pond life (aside from ASDA in Chelmer Village). I really can’t understand how these cretins can drag themselves out of bed in the morning, let alone get themselves to a supermarket. People are such prize cocks it makes me die inside a little. I’m not sure what people lack more: common sense, spacial awareness, or the gift of sight. Possibly all three. No one seems to be paying attention to their surroundings or thinking about others. If people drove like they handled trolleys then we’d all quickly be wiped out on the roads.

To make it all worse, it appears to me that few parents seem to have control over their sexcrement (children). WHY would you let your child charge around with a trolley on a busy Saturday? WHY would you tolerate it screaming its lungs out until it’s allowed to steal some food out of the trolley? WHY would you let your child wave the trolley about like a demented chimp down the aisle? I just don’t understand it.

I really do wish that people would be less self-centred and think about others. Shopping isn’t fun, needs must etc, but why make it such a nightmare for everyone else with your selfishness?! If we all just took our time and thought about others surely the world would be a less stressful place?

2 thoughts on “I’m annoyed.

  1. JumblyMummy says:

    This is why I don't do shopping unless I absolutely HAVE to.  And, if I have to go into a supermarket, I certainly don't do tesco because I usually end up having a melt-down, hyperventilating and being physically dragged out of the shop by my husband.

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