Baby me with my monkey!

Loz and I had discussed the idea of G getting a bear to give to little man when he’s born, something for him to have in his cot to remind him of his big sister, and hopefully something that he’ll keep for life. When I was first born I got a toy monkey that I’ve still got!

To make it that tiny bit more personal we took G to ‘Build A Bear Workshop‘ in Lakeside. G has at least ten of these bears / dogs / cats and she loves getting them. It’s quite a nice experience, you choose an empty bear (Prices range from £10-15), you can then add a sound if you like, either a pre-recorded one or your own voice. Next is the ‘stuffing’ stage where they ask how hard or soft you want the bear to be, and then stuff the bear for you. You can then pick a heart to put in (usually with a kiss and a wish on it), the heart is then put inside and the bear is sewn up.

Next up is a ‘bath’ where you can brush your toy and make it look it’s best, and then you can purcahse a range of clothes, from a full Darth Vader costume to simple t-shirts. There are even accessories like sunglasses and musical instruments, today I spotted a wheelchair too! The last stage is making a ‘Birth Certificate’, this is done at a computer that is set up to be really easy for kids to do.

G picked out a nice soft bear and got him stuffed so he wasn’t too hard for little man, allowing him to give it a good squish 🙂 Here she is giving him a little groom.

So here we have the finished bear!
What G doesn’t know is that we’ve got her one from ‘little man’ as well 🙂 She’ll love it! I think G is excited about becoming a big sister, she’s already added to her bedroom sign (look to the right of the heart!)..

2 thoughts on “Making a Bear

  1. K.Raeshford says:

    honestly impressed with the things you and Lozzie think of in regards to G and Little Man. I'm sure it will make the first months together much smoother! 

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