..frustrating news!

So another day has passed and there is still no sign of Baby Hakes. I’m terrible with being patient – I just don’t have the patience for it! 🙂 The big baby is really starting to take it’s toll on Loz – moving, not moving, generally ‘being’ seems to cause pain, and there is very little I can do to help. The best I can offer are some nice words, back rubs and glasses of water. I really don’t like seeing anyone upset, let alone my wife, and it really pains me to see her in pain!

Still in 11 or so hours we’ll be back at the hospital to see the consultant, I’m hoping we get some answers. Can Loz have the water birth she wants? Do they want to induce her because of the size? Do we just wait and see? Since our last trip to the hospital on Thursday we’ve been in a state of limbo, not quite knowing what’s happening, I do find it very hard to process ‘wait and see’, I like to know when and where. I didn’t have this when G was born, before we got to the real point of ‘wait and see’ , she was here!

Speaking of G, as of tomorrow, she’ll be staying with use for the next few days. I’m very excited about this! It was our weekend without seeing her last weekend, and I really do miss having her around. She’s been such a delight at the moment, I am immensely proud of her and the little inner geek she has makes me smile. I imagine we’ll have to finish off the Star Wars films, we’ve done Episodes I-IV, just the last two now! She asked if there was an ‘Obi Two’.. she thought he was ‘Obi ONE’ 🙂

Having G here will obviously make things interesting if Loz goes into labour, but with the family and child minder on standby, we should be covered!

I must admit I’m not sleeping very well at the moment – I don’t think I’m ever switching off – I’m on ‘Standby’ – half awake expecting Loz to go into labour and me to have to jump into action. I must be getting some ‘rest’ as I don’t feel grouchy or wiped out as I would expect so I can’t complain. I must admit one thing I’m looking forward to after little man is born is to hopefully stop hearing the phrase..

‘Oh, well you won’t be able to do (insert something mildly pleasurable here) when you have a baby’.

I know very well what having a baby is like, yes, you get a bit (lot) less sleep, and going out for the day seems to be like a military operation, but I’ll still be me, and Loz will still be Loz, we’ll just have a little one together. Babies and children are hard work, but you slot together, you work together, and it will all be okay. Having a baby won’t stopped either of us getting pissed as farts and enjoying fun nights out *cough* The Cave *cough* – we’ll just need to plan it a little bit more in advance!

Right – I need to get some sleep. If you are interested in the birth of little man, then when it does happen, I’ll post the news and some photos on here. This blog pushes to my Facebook and Twitter, albeit not immediately – so just keep an eye out! Also you may notice that the adverts are gone from the blog.. blame Dan and his ‘clicky finger’ (the ladies love it!). I suppose it does make the place a bit tidier without them, although it does mean I make no money from my endeavours here, never mind – tell your friends to read my incessant, illiterate writings! 🙂

Okay – I really am going.


No.. YOU hang up *click*

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