Side profile of his head

We had our scan this morning. We were seen by the lovely Emily who did our 21 week scan and she really is lovely, so friendly and patient and has all the time in the world to answer questions. Yay her! She did the measurements twice to confirm little man’s size and he is BIG, not off the chart, but fairly high up on it. The measurements place him at 42 weeks! She did lots of other checks and pointed out lots of things. We did ask for her to double check it was a little boy – it is!

Once the scan was over she told us to take the details to the clinic for a midwife to look at, which we did. The midwife had a momentary glance and said ‘Yeah, it’s fine, you can go..’ and we did. I think the realisation that we could have a 44/45 week sized child before there is any intervention is a bit scary for Loz, so she’s got in touch with our regular midwife to discuss it all. I really hope he is here sooner rather than later! Loz was woken by some very intense pains early this morning, so who knows?

Still it was fantastic to see little man again. Let’s hope our next encounter is soon! 🙂

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