I posted before about being nominated for the MAD Blog Awards. I’ve actually been nominated for nearly all of them! Namely –

Blog of the Year
Most Innovative Blog
Most Inspiring MAD Blog
Most Helpful Blogger
Best Pregnancy Blog
Best New MAD Blog
Best Thrifty Blog
Best Fashion Blog (big up the Primark £3 T-Shirts! 😉 )
Best Schooldays Blog
Best Small Business Blog
Best Home Blog
Best Baby Blog
Best MAD Food Blog
Best Family Life Blog
Best MAD Family Fun Blog
Best Craft Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Travel Blog

Wow! Honestly I don’t think I do really fit into all of those categories, but I’m really grateful!

It would appear being nominated isn’t enough to go forward in these awards, you have to be nominated lots! So if you think my ranty, expletive filled blog is worthy of any of the above, please nominate me – nominations close at 5pm TODAY! 🙂

Also spare a nom for my lovely friends Emma and Ella they have awesome blogs too!

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