Sky – Believe in Better.

I would love to believe that they are better, but I’m not sure they are.

Sky’s fibre broadband is due to launch today. It didn’t happen. They sneakily changed the date on their enquiry page around 10am this morning to the 13th (tomorrow). After my disastrous chat with retentions yesterday, I was given the number for the Sky Fibre team from a lovely member of the Sky User Forum.

I called them to find out what was going on.

I told the chap I’d like to order Sky Fibre and was told that they weren’t taking orders, and wouldn’t be doing so until the 27th April. He then said that I ‘should’ be able to order on-line tomorrow. Fair enough. I then mention that I had filled in their enquiry form and was keen to go live as soon as possible. He said he could see that I had registered, I can have Sky Fibre and was indeed on the list of people to call back to get onto the trial; but still, until I got the call, I wasn’t allowed to proceed. So despite being on the phone to the department who can (and plan to) give me fibre with me happy to proceed… I can’t.

I just don’t understand it.

To make things worse, plenty of others are reporting that they’ve called the Fibre team and been given it straight away with all the setup fees waived too! People have even rung up the normal sales people and been accepted onto fibre. I don’t understand why there is no ‘company line’ that is towed. The results you get when calling vary from whom you speak to, and as I said yesterday, some of the staff don’t even KNOW Sky are launching fibre this month. Surely a company the size of Sky can actually communicate effectively to all their staff? Don’t they have the systems in place to enable every customer to get the same experience, no matter who picks up the call at Sky?

Still none the wiser to what to do?

I may fire off an email to the executive customer support team as they’ve always been very good, although I’m thinking just to cut my losses and leave Sky. Virgin can’t be this shit… Can they?

One thought on “Sky – The communications company that can’t communicate

  1. adonisdemon says:

    I'm not sure Virgin are that much better than Sky when it comes to CS. Virgin have been known to have their blackouts of service also.

    I'm not a big fan of Sky, I don't use their services in any form whatsoever. Opting to wait for the equally incompetent lot of BT OpenReach.

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