*Shakes head*

Ahh Sky Retentions, usually the place where they will bend over backwards to make you happy with their fingers on the pulse of the Sky world.

Not today it seems.

After my earlier blog I decided to call them and find out what the status was of my Sky Talk and Broadband contract. I was pretty certain I was out of contract as I’d had Sky Talk in my old flat and we moved nearly a year ago.

I navigated through the annoying menus to the ‘I want to cancel department’ and got through to a very nervous sounding chap. He was perfectly polite, but a little wet, and he told me that my account had been re setup when we moved in June, so I was still in contract. He asked why I was keen to leave and I told him that I was interested in Fibre Broadband, but Sky couldn’t offer it so I planned on moving. He told me Sky might be have fibre soon, but he wasn’t sure when, but he’d been told it would probably be soon. Great. I didn’t want to tell him that the Sky website says it’s due to be live tomorrow!

I mentioned that people did currently have Sky Fibre, and I had requested more information on it and he told me that they probably lived in a certain area and could test it (despite the test being carried out nationwide!) I then asked what my options were for leaving, and I was put on hold…

10 minutes later he came back to me.

He told me due to my inconvenience he was going to apply a discount to my TV account, of 25% for the next 12 months, no strings attached. I was then told I would be charged a penalty for leaving now (although he didn’t say how much!), and that I should cancel in May, 31 days before the contract is due to end. He then said if I wasn’t happy with the speed of the line he could pass me through to Technical Support and get the line looked at. I didn’t fancy spending 30 minutes going through their first level support, it’s painful! The fact is, the copper from the exchange to the cabinet is old and slow and I’d possibly get 1Meg more at best.

There didn’t seem to be the usual retentions patter to this guy, he just didn’t care if I was with Sky or not. I was hoping for a bit of banter and bartering. Maybe even be transferred to the fibre team to see if they could help. I don’t think he knew the fibre team existed. Sure, the discount on the telly was nice, but I’m really not sure if I can be bothered with Sky now, I need to sleep on it.

The funny thing was, before I called up I noticed our house phone had a missed call from a Sky number last week. Was this the Fibre Team getting in touch about the trial? I did ask my retentions operator if he had a record of what the call was on my account, but there wasn’t one… Annoying! I thanked him for his help and put the phone down feeling utterly deflated.

So yeah, it’s a shame Sky have done so badly today, I really have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt after the rigmarole from last year with getting me moved (which was resolved brilliantly). Maybe it’s time I took my business elsewhere?

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