I’m always ready to bemoan poor customer service and stick the knife in, but if I’m impressed with somewhere I’ll sing it from the roof-tops! Bombay Fusion in Chelmsford is AWESOME.

We’ve been using them for years now after a menu popped through the door one day, they’ve become our Indian Take Away of choice now! We’ve become such regular customers they even bought Loz a card when we ordered on her birthday! 🙂 We’ve never had a bad meal or experience with them, every time has been fantastic!

Even better is that they are now on ‘Just Eat‘ so you can order in a few clicks! Yes their website isn’t brilliant, but if you’re looking for a top class Indian Takeaway, you really can’t go wrong.

One thought on “Bombay Fusion, Chelmsford = Awesome

  1. Montague81 says:

    Totally agree!  We had a curry from them tonight.  Never had a bad experience and love that we can walk there to collect and get 10% off too.

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