I was hoping this weekend would be a bit more normal, despite having a newborn in the mix. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised at how well it all went.

G has been fab, she’s taken the ‘Big Sister’ role with such gusto, she’s just as fab as I thought she’d be! She’s always trying to help us and her little brother out, I’m very proud of her, she’s a credit to us all! We’re still finding our feet with J, Loz has the feeding down to a fine art now which is great. Also last night we actually had more sleep than we’d had recently because J actually slept in his Moses Basket! I could have wept with relief when I woke up knowing he’d spent a good few hours in there, and was crying because he was hungry, rather than him not wanting to settle!

We had some visitors yesterday which was nice, Jen and Colin first, and then Dad, Pearl and Ben later on. It’s starting to feel less stressful having guests now that we’re finding out feet with J. Next weekend is going to be a real test as we’ve 2 x 5(ish) hours up North and back again with little man. It’s a ‘trial’ journey so we can see how J is in the car for so long, when and where are good places to stop, and how long it will take with added stops etc. It will be nice to see the Northern contingent of the family, and Lozzie’s small army of friends, although not Mark, he’s a cunt. 🙂

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