Is a very weird thing. I love the fact I can stop work to do what I want, and hopefully be there when G + J need me. I love the fact I work with some fantastic people and I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not, they know me, and they know how I work. This flexibility does toy with my mind sometimes, I like routine, I don’t really have any routines, there is no 9-5, I’ve paused working to type this, and it’s 23.00!

It does scare me sometimes when the inbox is quiet, f I’m not working, I’m not earning, and that is always in my mind. Thankfully though I’ve never been so quiet I’m starting to panic, I prefer being busy though, mentally invoicing everything I do, I don’t want my kids to do without because I’m lazy. I can be lazy at times, but I just try and keep focused on the future and how I want it to be. It drives me on.

I’ve been drumming into G lots at the moment that you should always try your best, even if you don’t succeed – always try. I think the message is getting there, when we were sat watching Eurovision and it was clear the UK were out of the game. G looked at me and said ‘Oh well, at least he (Engelbert) tried his best’. Glad she listens to me sometimes! 🙂

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