Wetting the baby’s head is a long standing tradition, the general idea is on the evening your baby is born, the Dad and his friends go out for a drink. Due to the fact most of my friends work, have kids, etc it takes a bit more planning.

In a few weeks I’m having the ‘Wetting of the baby’s head’ night which I’m looking forward to, I’ve a feeling it will be some good drunken fun. When I did it for G, I have a very patchy memory of the of the night, all I remember is –

  • Going to the Toilet.
  • Being outside.
  • Throwing up a the train station.
  • Being in a car.
  • Waking up somewhere strange with sick down my trousers and my phone, keys and wallet gone.

I don’t actually remember all that much else! I’d gone out with Chris and Paul, G and her Mum were away so I had planned to get merry, in actual fact it was probably one of the most drunk I’ve been. The lack of memory is the scary bit, you know you’ve drunk too much when you REALLY can’t remember hours of stuff!

When I woke up the morning after the night before I felt rotten, I didn’t know where I was, and more importantly I had lost my stuff! I got up and staggered to find a kitchen and get a glass of water, where I was confronted by an attractive figure of a lady in her underwear, ironing. My mind flickered quickly –

‘What the fuck have I done?!!’

Then through the still drunk haze I realised it was actually Carolyn, Paul’s wife! I felt happy it was her, and very embarrassed at seeing her in her underwear! I’d actually gone back to her flat with Paul and slept in the spare room, I’d never been there before, hence it being unusual to me! I can’t remember much else of being there, but it transpired I’d given Chris the contents of my pockets before I left him to go home… This meant his Mum or Dad had to drive across town to drop them back off to me before work.

Yes folks.. I had work that morning!

I really shouldn’t have gone to work.. I was still pissed for a start. I remember being sick several times, and struggling to take calls on the busy phone lines. In the end I had to take half a days holiday because I literally couldn’t function, it was horrific.

I think nowadays I’m a bit better with my drinking, I know when to calm it down, A good night out is somewhere in between being sensible and paralytic. I don’t drink doubles the same speed as singles for a start ;). My Stag Do was a good example, everyone had a cracking time, no one was wildly out of control, and the hangovers were fairly mild, the same can’t be said for the Hens! I’m hoping my shenanigans in a few weeks are equally as awesome, actually I KNOW they will be! I am gutted Paul can’t be there, and actually a bit sad my idiot Brother in Law can’t be arsed. I shall raise a glass to them both and already have plans afoot to have a Version 2.1 event with Paul at a later date, and Rick can just fuck off, the big lumbering cunt.

I’ve found some old thumbnails of another night out with Chris and Paul – they are very low res, but it’s nice to have them! I apologise for my hair.


You can read what happened – HERE

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