This week has been a bit shit… I’ve felt the full spectrum of emotions, to be cheesy, it’s been a roller-coaster.

J is settling in to life fairly well, he’s starting to sleep in between feeds and more awake during the day, the thing is, he won’t sleep in his Moses basket. He needs to be pressed onto someone, tummy to tummy and he’ll happily doze off, he has slept in his basket for a few hours once in a while, but only on his tummy.

Yes. I know this is a mortal ‘you’re gonna kill your baby’ sin.

So we’re not doing that! I’ve ordered a Summer Infant SwaddleMe Cotton from Amazon to see if wrapping him up in that will help him settle. It’s due to arrive today, so we’ll soon find out! 🙂

Thankfully – I think everything is SLOWLY slotting into place, we had a horrific day yesterday, we had to take Loz to hospital as the midwife suspected she had an infection. We spent nearly six hours in the hospital yesterday, which was rather draining for all of us! The annoying this was we were actually seen, and Loz diagnosed relatively quickly, there was a three hour wait for the fucking medication though, which was annoying.

Loz seems a bit brighter today and not wincing every time she moves, which is an improvement, and thanks to some stellar care from her Mum, we both got some sleep last night! I’m really looking forward to this weekend, not only will neither of us have to worry about work it’s our ‘long weekend’ with G, so she gets to spend some quality time with her brother! 🙂

One thought on “Where has this week gone?

  1. Hebegb says:

    oh guys I feel your pain!. It brings back many memories and not all of them pleasant!. Like you said you'll find your groove and in few weeks things will be better. I have to admit that Oli slept on his tummy, I know tut tut you all say but only during the day..he had reflux and it was the only way he would relieve pressure on his gut . Look it's not a sin if it works for you its good! Wishing you all well and a happy family weekend x
    Wish I could find our baby hammock (not a rocker but hangs from the ceiling and you can swing it Really hard!)to lend you as it's like a cuccon and both my boys loved it! Will look again….

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