With the weather being a bit poor on Sunday we were at a bit of a loose end deciding what we could do to entertain G that would be fairly baby friendly for J. Loz did a little bit of Googling and found ‘The Glazed Look‘ which is tucked away on the Waterhouse Business Centre. As they do hand and foot prints of little-uns we thought we’d get a little keepsake for both G and J, then to kill some time G could paint something of her own.

G Painting!

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely lady who let us choose what item we wanted have their hand and foot prints on. I’m not going to lie, my eyes scanned around and were drawn to the prices. I was pretty shocked at how high they seemed. We opted for two ’tiles’ which were around £14 each. The lady did J’s foot prints on one and G’s hand print on the other. She was fab with the kids and it was all done very efficiently  and quickly. While J settled down for a feed with Loz, G and I wandered round looking for something that G could paint, she opted for a Mug with a Cupcake design on (£12.50). We sat quite happily for 45 mins or so painting the cupcakes, each colour required two coats. I don’t often do stuff like this with G and I found it very calming to sit painting with her.

The finished product!

Throughout the staff were very helpful and kind. They prepared a fabulous latte for me (I’m a sucker for a good coffee!) which I supped between colours. Loz settled up and we came home with £1 change from £50 (including the drinks we had), so not a ‘cheap’ afternoon out by any means but certainly an enjoyable one. The finished products will be glazed and ready for collection next Sunday, but they do an ‘Express Service’ so you can have the items a bit sooner if you want.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your little ones to pass a few hours I would heartily recommend The Glazed Look in Chelmsford. I can’t believe it’s been going since 2003 and it’s the first I’ve heard of it!

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