We visited my wonderful Grandma today – she’s 84 years old and a proper trooper, she’s had 8 heart attacks and fallen over lots, but still soldiers on. Loz spotted how good her garden was looking and Grandma explained that she’d got a gardener because she decided it was too much.

‘Well I was trying to dig up a root, and it was very tough, then I felt a pain in my chest..’ Grandma started.

I gasped.

‘So I left the fork in the ground, and came straight in and had a lie down.. Eight heart attacks is enough for me!’ she continued.

Loz and I shook our heads in disbelief. I looked at G and she looked concerned too.

‘Yeah.. But what happened with the fork?!’ G piped up.

I love my daughter, her Great Grandmother nearly suffered a heart attack but she was concerned that she’d left the fork out in the garden! 🙂

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