Facebook, we’re nearly all ‘on it’, it’s a funny old place, you’re ‘Friends’ with people you don’t really like, or people who picked on you at school, even people you don’t really know. I’m quite well known for ranting about the blue topped cunt-fest, and probably rightly so, and I always ponder..

‘Why don’t I just leave?’

It’s hard, I’ve invested a lot of time in Facebook – I used it to set up a Reunion for our year group about five years ago, and I’ve got *looks* 408 ‘friends’ on there. That’s 408 people I’m connected to in some vague (mostly) way, do I want to burn bridges with 408 people? Obviously that’s a slight over exaggeration – I’d probably still be in touch with around 50 family and close friends, as I’m not that much of a social leper. Then there are the cool people who overlap onto Twitter, so I wouldn’t ‘lose’ those either.

It’s a shame there hasn’t been a mass migration over to Google+, although it’s quiet I think the ‘Google way’ of social networking is so much better, it’s very granular and I love that.

I think one thing that irks me massively about Facebook is the fact that so many of my ‘Friends’ have no grasp of the English language, some of you really need to re-sit your English GCSEs. I’m not great with my words, that’s why Lozzie does some editing here, but you do get the general gist of what I’m trying to say. A lot of people I’m friends with I have to read, re-read and then try and fathom what the fuck they are trying to say.

y d u us so mch txt spk u cnts?

Don’t get me started again on this issue again either.

I will also admit to using Facebook to laugh at others misfortunes, to watch relationships crash and burn spectacularly, to laugh at your hideous photos, to question your parenting choices and to roll my eyes at your ambiguous, needy status updates. That probably sounds terrible, but let’s be honest, we’ve all done it.

I suppose when the bat shit crazy world of Facebook gets too much, I can dip into Twitter, I can peer into Google+ and feel a little calmer. Twitter is so instant and ‘throw away’, but I’ve made so many friends using it, I love it, I’m addicted to it, years ago I saw a Tweet that said –

‘Facebook is about people you’ve met and don’t want to know, Twitter is about those you haven’t met and want to know’

Very true.

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